Greeting for André Kuipers from songwriting duo Fluitsma & Van Tijn

In 1996, Fluitsma & Van Tijn had a massive Number 1 hit in The Netherlands with the song 15 Miljoen Mensen, which is one of André’s favourite songs and on his playlist on the International Space Station.

Fluitsma & Van Tijn are a famous Dutch songwriting and producing duo made up of Jochem Fluitsma and Eric van Tijn. Over the years, they have worked with many Dutch and international artists, including Alain Clark, Mai Tai, René Froger, Montserrat Caballe, Mathilde Santing, André Hazes, Engelbert Humperdinck, Gerard Joling, Guus Meeuwis, Paul de Leeuw, Status Quo and De Kast.

When they heard that their song was included in André’s playlist, to be listened to in space, they felt very honoured and sent André this video greeting for his mission blog (video greeting is in Dutch). Their song 15 Miljoen Mensen will be André’s ‘song of the day’ for a very special date in the Dutch calendar, 30 April, Queen’s Day 2012.

[youtube 2dZ2VleoK2g nolink]

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