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Φ-lab – Accelerate the future of Earth Observation

The Φ-lab’s mission is to accelerate the future of earth observation, by helping Europe’s earth observation and space researchers and companies adopt disruptive technologies and methods.

Right now, we’re working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) on data from the Copernicus Programme, the Earth Explorer missions, cubesat satellites as well as drone and hyperspectral payload data and Virtual Reality.  High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites (HAPS), quantum technologies and distributed ledgers are on our to-do list.

Φ-lab is part of the ESA Earth Observation (EO) Programme’s Φ-Department developing future systems for earth observation. Φ-lab also hosts ESA’s InCubed programme, providing rapid funding of innovative public private partnerships to exploit new EO markets. Φ-lab also convenes experts from across the World to develop research agendas on the relevance for EO of emerging technology topics including AI, distributed ledgers and quantum computing.


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