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Last earthly view of ATV-4

Final on-Earth view of ATV Albert Einstein as the aerodynamic fairing is lowered over top of the vessel, Friday 24 May. Next time we see it will be just prior to docking! Thanks, Daniel Guyomard from the ATV team in Kourou.  

Goodbye to ATV-3 (for now…)

A brief note came in last night via Alberto Novelli (Mission Manager for ATV-4) in Kourou. He spoke with ESA’s Laurent Brothier, working on the ATV-3 Assembly, Integration and Verification (AIV) team at Kourou. Last night, Arianespace workers completed installing the Ariane 5 fairings on top of ATV Edoardo Amaldi. Laurent took part in the operation, which included only one ESA representative (plus one from Astrium–maker of the ATV vessels as this is a hazardous activity – Ed.). Laurent explains: It was really impressive to see the long Ariane 5 fairing appear all of a sudden from the BAF (Batiment d’Assemblage Final) chimney . We had just completed the last inspections of...

Tonight in Kourou: lowering the huge Ariane 5 fairing o...

An excellent series of images taken in the past few hours showing the work taking place this evening in Kourou’s BAF building, as the aerodynamic fairing is lowered over top of ATV-3. These provide some of the final views of ATV-3 that we’ll see until its in orbit and approaching the International Space Station. Many thanks to ESA’s Alberto Novelli for taking time to send these in!