ISS crew have started final ingress activities

UPDATED:: 26.02 11:55 CET

Mike Steinkopf is on shift at ATV-CC this evening monitoring ATV hatch opening and ingress by the crew. He’s just sent in the update below:

Scrubbing has finished, and the final ingress activities have started allowing crew to set-up ATV for crew use during the entire attached phase. Crew will remove the scrubbing equipment and will set up the air exchange duct, which will allow inter-module ventilation, install safety equipment (such as gas masks and a fire extinguisher) inside ATV as well as hand-rails to allow them to work within ATV. After launch and docking, final ingress is the third important mission step.

And this picture from Paolo Nespoli sent in Saturday:

Just about to open ATV’s hatch

Credit: ESA/NASA

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