Experience MSL Landing with ‘Eyes on the Solar System’ from JPL


If you liked our animations of Mars Express tracking the landing of MSL then you can watch it live or preview it yourself with a great website from JPL called “Eyes on the Solar System” (http://eyes.jpl.nasa.gov/).

You can see all the different stages of the entry, descent and landing of Curiosity and control the camera and speed yourself to experience the landing in every way possible!

Animations: Mars Express supports Curiosity

As spacecraft operations engineers we’re used to operating without being able to see what we’re doing – we rely on the telemetry data from the spacecraft: numbers, statuses, bits and bytes to find out what’s happening. However, with something as big and complex as supporting an incoming lander it helps to see what’s going on, like this great Celestia simulation of Mars Express as it turns and tracks Curiosity down to the surface of Mars:

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