#ESAHangout – Friday 22 May 15:00GMT start

Thank you to everyone who replied to the Doodle poll!

Friday, 22 May, 15:00GMT – 16:30 GMT appears to be the best time slot for the most VMC School campaign participants, so let’s go with that. Go ahead and block that slot in your calendars (as will the MEX team). We’ll post details here in the blog later this week on how to join the #ESAHangout and how to post questions.

Mars Express Spacecraft Operations Engineer Simon Wood adds that, by Friday at 15:00GMT, the command stack that will trigger the VMC observations during ‘your’ three orbits next week should already be on board Mars Express!

REPLAY: VMC Imaging Campaign video tutorial

Join us for an #ESAHangout – 19 March 2015

Watch the replay

Here is Andy’s presentation file, illustrating the typical resolutions of VMC images

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As part of the #VMCschools public observation campaign, all registered participants – plus those who are thinking of registering – are invited to join the Mars Express mission control team in an #ESAHangout via Google+.

The video hangout will run about 60-75 minutes, and will include a live tutorial covering:

  • The Mars Express spacecraft and mission
  • The Visual Monitoring Camera, the ‘Mars Webcam’ – how it works and what it can see and do
  • Review of possible observation targets on Mars that you can request
  • The #VMCschools public observation campaign: what/when/how/who, limited number of slots; what you are expected to do
Andy Johnstone Credit: ESA/J. Mai

Andy Johnstone Credit: ESA/J. Mai

Mars Express engineer Andy Johnstone, above in the Main Control Room, will be joined by Simon Wood, also on the MEX team, and ESA Mission Analyst Michael Khan, both pictured below; Daniel Scuka will moderate and host.

Michael Khan Credit: ESA/J. Mai

Michael Khan Credit: ESA/J. Mai

Simon Wood Credit: dpa

Simon Wood Credit: dpa

In the second half of the #ESAHangout, we’ll respond to questions from the public, giving priority to any submitted by already-registered participants. Questions may be posted as follows:

  1. Tweet questions using the #vmcschools hashtag
  2. Post questions in the ESAHangout Google+ event page
  3. Post questions in the ESAHangout YouTube event page

We’ll do our best to answer all questions and ensure that your VMC observation proposal is technically possible and that you have a suitable project plan in place.

Please join us on 19 March!