Beautiful world. Credit: ESA/NASA

Letter to my daughters

When I was asked by a prestigious Italian news magazine to write a letter to my daughters – to be published in the first edition of the year – writing about the future, I was not exactly...

Mission-X: jump for the Moon

Luca will be leaving the Station on 10 November and will pass over Mission-X duties to  NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins.  Next year’s Mission-X: Train Like an Astronaut challenge is set to take off with the largest community of future space explorers ever. Don’t miss your chance. More information here on how to take part:

Luca Parmitano talks to finalists of the Volare Space R...

From 400 km above the surface of Earth, ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano talked with high-school students during the finals of the Volare Space Robotics Challenge. Seven teams entered remote-controlled robots that battled on a mock-up of the International Space Station. Their mission: to unload cargo from ESA’s Automated Transfer Vehicle as quickly as possible while avoiding objects. Students at ‘ground control’ gave instructions wirelessly from the control centre next door. Multipliers added more strategy to the competition. The two-day event was the culmination of lots of hard work from the seven teams of high-school students. The highlight for many students was visiting ESA’s laboratories and of course a live call with ESA...

Luca to robot: do you copy?

Hundreds of kilometres below his floating feet, a robot on Earth obeyed Luca’s commands from space. It was the first time the European astronaut remotely operated NASA’s K10 planetary rover, a little four-wheel steer robot that scouted a rocky, lunar-like terrain in the US. Luca and the robot teamed up for a teleoperation of a planetary rover from the International Space Station. The first test took place in June, when his crewmate Chris Cassidy drove K10 in the Roverscape, an outdoor field at NASA Ames Research Center in California, USA. “The idea is that one day, on a different planet, we might use a robot just like K10 to deploy equipment on...

Kids call Luca on board space station

During a special amateur radio link on 24 July, some of the young people attending the ESA Space Camp in Austria were able to speak with Luca as he flew overhead. Here is an edited selection of their questions and answers:

Children from planet Earth to Luca

Listen to the messages some Mission-X participants sent to Luca last week during the international closing event. Can you help the astronaut to understand their words by translating them into English or Italian?