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Second spacewalk ends early

NASA reports: Expedition 36 Flight Engineers Chris Cassidy of NASA and ESA’s Luca Parmitano ended their spacewalk at 13:29 GMT, 15:39 CEST, only 1 hour, 32 minutes into the planned 6 1/2 hour venture outside the International Space Station. Flight Director David Korth decided to terminate the spacewalk early after Parmitano reported a buildup of water inside his helmet. After returning the airlock, Parmitano performed an expedited process to remove his suit. Both astronauts are safely back in the space station, and engineers are continuing to evaluate data to determine the cause of the leak.

Children from planet Earth to Luca

Listen to the messages some Mission-X participants sent to Luca last week during the international closing event. Can you help the astronaut to understand their words by translating them into English or Italian?

Luca Parmitano’s first spacewalk

Astronauts Luca Parmitano and Chris Cassidy switched their spacesuits to battery power and began their spacewalk outside the International Space Station on 9 July, 2013. The sortie was planned for six and half hours, but the astronauts proceeded faster than planned and had time for extra ‘get-ahead’ tasks, routing cables and staging equipment to help future spacewalkers. The final duration of Tuesday’s extravehicular activity was 6 hours and 7 minutes. The primary goals were to replace a Ku-band communications transceiver, retrieve two science experiments that exposed material samples to space, install cables for Russia’s coming Nauka laboratory module, and carry out routine maintenance. Nauka will replace the Pirs module currently attached to...

First spacewalk

On 9 July ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano exited the International Space Station for his first spacewalk. Together with NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy he performed maintenance tasks on the outside of the ISS and retrieved experiment hardware. The spacewalk lasted 6 hours and 7 minutes.

Grab Bag” of Tasks Performed During ISS Spacewalk

Outside the International Space Station, Expedition 36 Flight Engineers Chris Cassidy of NASA and Luca Parmitano of the European Space Agency conducted a spacewalk July 9 to replace a failed communications receiver, relocate grapple bars for future spacewalks and string cables for the future arrival of a Russian laboratory module. The spacewalk was the first of two in as many weeks for Cassidy and Parmitano, who became the first Italian astronaut to walk in space and the 170th spacewalk in support of space station assembly and maintenance. Cassidy now has conducted five spacewalks in his career. They will venture outside the Quest airlock again on July 16 for another series of tasks...

Replay – Ask an Astronaut: ESA and Head Squeeze S...

Head Squeeze had its second hangout with ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli on Tue 9th July to talk about Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano and NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy’s EVA from the ISS. That’s a spacewalk to you and us! We witnessed history in the making as Luca was the first ever Italian astronaut to take part in an EVA.