This entry was written yesterday by Volare mission director Roland Luettgens:

Today we had our weekly crew conference with Luca and we had quite a list of topics to talk about.

The crew conference is a weekly coordination between astronauts and the Control Centres. We talk about many topics including details about activities to come. Luca is preparing to relocate the Soyuz spacecraft on Friday so we had a lot to talk about.

As usual, first we performed a voice check between Luca and us to ensure we can hear each other and the audio quality is good. After this check, we turn on the camera inside the Columbus module so that Luca can see us.

We usually get a bright smile from Luca when we turn on the camera and get ready for the conference.

This time we got really confused, because instead of seeing the usual Luke Skywalker we saw a Super Luca. He really does exist!

Super Luca. Credits: ESA

Super Luca. Credits: ESA

To start the conference Luca wished us a Happy Halloween, after the conference, like the real Superman, SuperLuca flew away to continue his daily tasks.

On Friday the Soyuz will be relocated, the same Soyuz that carried Luca and his crewmates to the International Space Station, will be flown around the Station by Luca and his colleagues from its current location at the bottom of the orbital outpost to the end of the complex. It will dock at the location where ATV-4 was docked until Monday.

The crew will get up early and prepare the Soyuz spacecraft for departure. Luca, Fyodor and Karen will be inside the Soyuz and undock from the Station at 8:34 GMT. They will manoeuvre the spacecraft around 40 meters away from the Station and fly towards its tail, where they will redock at 8:58 GMT.

The flight will not be that long, but the activities required to prepare and perform redock checks will last almost the whole day.

We know now that this is going to be a successful, as we have Super Luca on board!

Roland Luettgens