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Kids call Luca on board space station

During a special amateur radio link on 24 July, some of the young people attending the ESA Space Camp in Austria were able to speak with Luca as he flew overhead. Here is an edited selection of their questions and … Continue reading

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Alan Parsons’ “Eye in the Sky” message to Luca

The Alan Parsons Project message to Luca Parmitano, and dedication of the song Eye in the Sky, in Rome…

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Columbus Control Centre ready for Progress departure

‘Vehicle traffic’ is the term we use for every spaceship that goes to or leaves the International Space Station. Currently there are four attached to the Station: ATV-4, two Soyuz (one each for each expedition) and one Progress. Every couple … Continue reading

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Columbus Control Centre busy with science

In a return to our normal schedule after last week’s EVA, we have started to deploy major elements for the Biolab facility inside Columbus. Biolab supports biological experiments on micro-organisms, cells, tissue cultures, small plants and small invertebrates. Performing life … Continue reading

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Surprise guest on the International Space Station

Luca had a flying visit from Paxi, the ESA kids mascot.

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The second EVA: a view from the Control Centre

Spacewalk USOS EVA#23 was halted just over one hour after it started, when Luca reported liquid building up in his space suit. This led to the decision to abort the spacewalk. First things first: Luca is doing well and he … Continue reading

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Second spacewalk ends early

NASA reports: Expedition 36 Flight Engineers Chris Cassidy of NASA and ESA’s Luca Parmitano ended their spacewalk at 13:29 GMT, 15:39 CEST, only 1 hour, 32 minutes into the planned 6 1/2 hour venture outside the International Space Station. Flight … Continue reading

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A stroll into space

The airlock is dark and silent as a temple, perhaps one dedicated to technology. As I enter, it has the calming effect of a prayer. It’s still early but I’ve already been up and about for an hour. After shaving … Continue reading

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(Italiano) Che fantastica, incredibile esperienza

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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Luca’s second EVA and the Columbus Control Centre: the day before

Today the astronauts are getting ready for the second spacewalk, the USOS EVA#23. The day is primarily dedicated to reviewing the details of the spacewalk. The teams have worked hard to incorporate the changes resulting from the first spacewalk into … Continue reading

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