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  • Robert Clark says:

    The media briefing of the Director General on Jan. 15th had poor audio in the English version. Could you provide a transcript?

    Bob Clark

  • Marco Trovatello says:

    That’s true, our apologies. The same day we uploaded a replay with good quality audio:

  • Christopher King says:

    Mr Johann-Dietrich Woerner,

    Dear Mr Woerner,
    I understand from the media that the Rosetta satellite was crashed due to uncertainty about re-activating it after 6 years of inactivity in solar orbit. It appears to be quite extraordinary that this action was taken when there was a possibility of reactivating the satellite again and gaining much more information at very small cost and effort. Satellites are often more long lived than their initial design requirements; by leaving it in place there was nothing to lose and there might have been much to gain. On the public information available, the decision to crash the satellite appears to be irresponsible. The public needs more information relating to the casual destruction of an instrument that cost 1.3 billion euros to put in place. I would certainly like to know if one of your staff could kindly spare a few more euros worth of time for an email.
    With thanks,
    Yours sincerely,
    Christopher King MSc DipM DMS
    London UK

  • Andreas Birkl says:

    Dear Mr. Woerner,

    i’ve heard that you will speak at the 33C3 in Hamburg. Since i will be there, i tried to find you in the list of speakers and/or in the schedule, without results. It would be great to know, when and where at the Congress you are speaking.

  • Jim Pennell says:

    Hello Johann-Dietrich Woerner,

    Is it possible for ESA to propose placing a Ion thruster on the International Space Station with enough fuel to speed it up and let it move from Earth Orbit to Moon Orbit ?

    Ideally, Mars orbit is appealing. If the trip takes 1 or 10 years, it would still provide a tremendous resource for either Moon landings or mars landings.

    Regards, JIm Pennell

  • Matteen Nazriy says:

    Hello! I’m Matteen, gr.7 student at Mitchell Woods P.S. in Ont. Canada. We are doing speeches–my topic ”What could NASA/ESA do with the US military’s annual budget? (597bn)” What would you do with that sort of funding? Thanks!

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