Gaia: launch postponed

Due to recently-discovered technical issues with a separate satellite, ESA has decided to perform additional precautionary verifications on its Gaia satellite. Therefore we have requested that Arianespace postpone the Gaia launch, currently scheduled for November 20, 2013.

More details will be given as soon as they are available and the new launch date will be announced when the timeline for completing the additional work has been confirmed.

Updated 29 October:
The upcoming launch manifest of Arianespace has now been established. Gaia is scheduled for launch on 20 December.

For additional information on the postponement, see latest update on the ESA Portal.



  • JBeale says:

    Sorry to hear of the setback! Looking forward to hearing further updates on this situation.

  • Ted says:

    What?!? What “recently-discovered technical issues”? More information, please! We’re dying of suspense out here! :-/ .

  • KD says:

    Thanks for the information
    If I understand well, the issue is linked with another satellite, not with Gaia, isn’t it ?
    Hopefully it will be sorted out soon and the launch won’t be delayed too much ! And to be positive, it may give you a little relief to finish the preparation ; -)
    Best wishes and please tell us more when you know,

  • Mark McCaughrean says:

    See the additional information now posted at:

    The blog will be updated soon too.

  • JBeale says:

    I’m curious if there is anything else in the system with a limited pre-launch shelf life that may need to be refreshed or replaced, when the launch date goes from “less than 1 month away” up to several months away.

  • Brun Philippe says:

    Thanks having officially postpone the launching to make it possible for me to be there

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