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Flight Dynamics team at ESOC Credit: ESA/J. Mai

Sentinel-2 launch timeline

About 55 minutes after lift-off, Sentinel-2A will separate from Vega's AVUM upper stage and soar free into orbit, marking the start of the critical Launch and Early Orbit Phase.

Sentinel-1 Credit: ESA/ATG Media Lab

Sentinel-1A launch timeline

Find below a detailed timeline for the launch of Sentinel-1A on 3 April 2014. Lift off is set for 21:02:31 GMT (23:02:31 CEST) on board Soyuz ST flight VS07 from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guyana. This...

Swarm launch timeline

Find below an outline timeline for the launch of Swarm on 22 November 2013. See notes below table for details. All times subject to change. Follow launch live via ESA TV, starting 11:45 CET.

MetOp-B launch – Annotated timeline

Find below an annotated timeline of the most important steps in today’s MetOp-B launch via Soyuz from Baikonur. Note all times are forecast and subject to change. Ground stations in use include: Malindi (MAL), Kerguelen (KER), Esrange (ESR), Alaska (ASK) and Hawaii (HWI). Time CEST/Baikonur MET Mission Elapsed Time Event 02:28/06:28 L0 – 16:00:00 Launch timeline begins 14:28/18:28 L0 – 04:00:00 State Commission meeting authorising launcher fuelling 14:58/18:58 L0 – 03:30:00 Start of launcher fuelling 16:58/20:58 L0 – 01:30:00 Start of launcher 3-stage automatic sequence 17:15/21:15 L0 – 01:13:00 Start of media event at EUMETSAT HQ 17:43/21:43 L0 – 00:45:00 Service tower removal 18:27/22:27 L0 – 00:00:40 Release of umbilical mast 18:27/22:27...