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From red tags to the launch pad

From Catherine (ESA) 18 November It’s been a busy weekend. Following the satellite assembly being joined to the Rockot Breeze upper stage on Friday, the next task was to remove all the red tagged items. Parts that have to be removed before the satellites are encapsulated are marked with red tags.  There were 83 red tag items on each satellite, with 28 for the thrusters alone on each satellite. All the items were laid out on a table, one table for each satellite so they could be counted and recorded as having been removed. Sylvain (ESA), Klaus and Lutz (Astrium) had a very busy day counting and recounting to be sure everything...

A happy team after MetOp-B health check

From Damiano Serlenga (ESA), Baikonur Cosmodrome, 19 March 2012 Still snowing here in Baikonur! This photo of the team was taken in front of the MIK-112 after Test Review Board of the ‘satellite health check’. This test confirms the instruments on MetOp-B are ‘alive’. There were about 80 of us involved in the test, including support teams from Europe, USA and Canada. The whole teams has been working a double shift for a week to get through the test. Everything has gone well and we’re now ready for the next milestone: integrating MetOp-B’s solar array.