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L-1: Update from Plesetsk

ESA’s Swarm mission to study the Earth’s magnetic field is on its launch pad! Lift off is currently scheduled at 13:02 CET, 22 November 2013, on top of a Rockot launcher from Plesetsk in Northern Russia. This...

MSG-3: ready for roll out

The Launch Readiness Review took place yesterday and the transfer of the launcher to the launch pad has been authorised for today. The Ariane 5 carrying MSG-3  is now ready for roll out to Launch Pad at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. Launch is confirmed for Thursday 5 July at 23:36 CEST. The launch window closes at 00:05 CEST. The launch of MSG-3 will ensure the continuity of meteorological observations to improve weather forecasts from geostationary orbit 36 000 km above Earth.