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Swarm: Final launch rehearsal goes fine

We spoke with ESA’s Spacecraft Operations Manager Juan Piñeiro earlier this morning: Yesterday’s full ‘dress rehearsal’ went fine! The penultimate day-long event involved everyone working on the Swarm launch, including the mission control teams at ESOC, the launch campaign teams at Plesetsk, Eurockot, the ground tracking stations at Kiruna and Svalbard and representatives from the satellites’ manufacturer. The rehearsal followed the complete launch sequence from about 10 hours before lift off, set for 13:02 CET, to the first acquisition of signals. Swarm mission teams conducted the ‘dress rehearsal’ for launch on 19 November 2013 in the Main Control Room at ESOC and in the launch control centre at Plesetsk. Credit: ESA/F. Diekman At...

MSG-3: launch dress rehearsal completed

The dress rehearsal, which was carried on on 29 June, simulates the procedures to be carried out on the day of launch from launch minus 10 hours to launch plus 30 minutes when MSG-3 separates from the luancher.  During the rehearsal, teams worked where they will be during the real launch, including the  LBC room where the satellite is monitored and the Jupiter-2 control room. ESA’s European Space Operations Centre, ESOC, in Germany were also in the loop. The next milestones are: Launch readiness review on Tuesday Roll out of launcher on Wednesday Launch on Thursday. The launch window opens at 23:36 and closes at 00: 05 (CEST).