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Sentinel-5P mission control team in 'sim' training at ESOC on 7 September 2017. Credit: ESA

ESOC readies for Sentinel-5P

Daniel Mesples talk with us about the training and preparations for 5P launch at ESA’s mission control centre in Germany.

At ESOC, 13 March 2014. Credit: ESA

Training the teams for launch

A few nice photos showing the Mission Control Team at ESOC, Darmstadt, conducting intensive launch simulation training for Sentinel-1a on 13 March 2014. During the ‘sim’ session, simulation officers (working unseen in a separate control room) injected...

Swarm mission controllers train at ESOC

Images from the intensive simulation training taking place today at ESOC, Darmstadt, as the Swarm mission control team prepares for the critical launch and early orbit phase. Experts from across the ESOC centre – including flight dynamics, Estrack ground stations and software support – and from the Swarm project team are also supporting. Access full image gallery in Flickr here

Update from ESA team in ESOC’s Main Control Room

The latest on Metop-B from the Main Control Room at ESA’s Operations Centre in Darmstadt. We spoke earlier today with Deputy Flight Director Andreas Rudolph: All our systems are green! The ongoing post-launch tests & check-outs are proceding as planned. The Soyuz-Fregat launcher did a fantastic job, injecting Metop-B into its orbit at a precision of 3km and within 2 millidegrees of planned inclination.  Currently, Metop-B is at around 790 km altitude, moving toward the 817 km routine polar orbit. As planned, we have been checking spacecraft attitude, data handling, telecom links, software, back-up systems, solar array operation, power and temperatures. All look very well and, thus, ‘nominal’. We will do further...