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Swarm now on top of rocket upper stage

15 November 2013 The pictures below show how the Swarm satellite assembly was lifted, positioned and joined to the Rockot Breeze upper stage of the launcher. All this took place yesterday. The next step will be to fix the rocket fairing around the satellites to protect them during launch.  

Breeze upper stage sets off for launch pad

From Catherine (ESA), 22 October 2013 A series of electrical checks has been completed on the Rockot booster and today its starts its four-hour journey from the MIK to launch pad. It will then be lifted into position and prepared for launch. Krunichev has completed ‘fit checks’ of the upper stage and the fairing. There was a first inspection of the adapter and brackets on Friday and further preparation continued over the weekend. Meanwhile, the task of preparing the three Swarm satellites for liftoff on 14 November continues. This week, the focus has been on fixing the multilayer insulation to the satellites. Multilayer insulation blankets are used to help keep the satellites...

Hello Breeze

From Catherine (ESA), 14 October 2013 After a bit of final fine tuning the process of fuelling all three satellites is now completed. Once again the doors between the two halls were opened and Swarm FM1, the last satellite to be fuelled, was returned to join the other two in cleanroom 101A. The functional testing of all three satellites has also been completed and everything is in working order. These activities saw the departure of Karim Bouridah and Yves Bordes and four of the Astrium Friedrichshafen team who return to continue with the simulation campaign activities at ESOC, ESA’s European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany. Claudia also left us, but she’ll be coming...