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Sunrise at midnight

Editor’s note: This post was contributed by Dieter Pikulski, who won the Copernicus Masters GEO Illustration Challenge. Part of his prize was a trip to Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou to witness the launch of Sentinel-2B. If you...

Sentinel-2B in orbit

The ESA-developed Sentinel-2B satellite was launched today, doubling the coverage of high-resolution optical imaging in the Sentinel-2 mission for the European Union Copernicus environmental monitoring system. The 1.1 tonne satellite was carried into orbit on a Vega...


Sentinel-2B liftoff replay

  Watch the replay of Sentinel-2B liftoff from Kourou.

Unpacking and getting organised

Most of the activities that we had planned for today were carried out despite the fact that we had some delays because we couldn’t use the main hall for two hours as the Russian military was busy...

Safe at the launch site

After an eventful journey to Russia, by plane, lorry and train, the Sentinel-3A satellite is safe and sound in the Plesetsk cosmodrome in northern Russia, for lift-off next month. Even before the three-day journey to the Plesetsk...

Sentinel-3A on its way

The latest satellite for the European Commission’s Copernicus environmental programme has left Thales Alenia Space in Cannes, France bound for the Plesetsk launch site in Russia and launch late next month. The satellite was placed in the...

Last steps to launch

Sentinel-2A is the second satellite for Europe’s environmental monitoring Copernicus programme and is currently being readied for launch on 12 June 2015.


Sentinel-3A set for launch

Carrying a suite of instruments to measure Earth's oceans, land and ice, Sentinel-3A will soon be shipped to the Plesetsk launch site in Russia.


Sentinel-3A in the cleanroom

ESA's Sentinel-3 Project Manager Bruno Berruti and Thales Alenia's Project Manager Yvan Baillion join the 'Earth from Space' video programme to tell us more about the Sentinel-3A satellite and its mission, at Thales Alenia Space in Cannes,...

Sentinel-2 delivers first images

Just four days after launch, Sentinel-2A delivered its first images of Earth. With a swath width of 290 km, the satellite’s first acquisition began in Sweden and made a strip-like observation through central Europe and the Mediterranean, ending...