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Daniel Scuka is Senior Editor for Spacecraft Operations at ESOC, ESA's European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany.
Sentinel-5P mission control team in 'sim' training at ESOC on 7 September 2017. Credit: ESA

ESOC readies for Sentinel-5P

Daniel Mesples talk with us about the training and preparations for 5P launch at ESA’s mission control centre in Germany.

#Sentinel2Go Credit: ESA & Remco!

Participant list nearly complete

During the open application period ending 1 February, we received some 275 valid applications from 47 countries on all continents (except Antarctica, of course).

Sentinel-2 carries a high-resolution multispectral optical imager to monitor changes in vegetation for Europe's environmental monitoring Copernicus programme. Credit: ESA/AOES Medialab

Green for Sentinel-2B liftoff

All systems – the spacecraft, the launcher and the ground segment – and the teams are ready to support Sentinel-2B launch on 6 March, at 22:49 Kourou time.

Soyuz VS14 in the mobile gantry, seen on 24 April 2016. Credit ESA–Manuel Pedoussaut

Sentinel-1B launch delayed due to anomaly

Following an anomaly observed during the countdown for the launch of Soyuz flight VS14 carrying Sentinel-1B, the countdown was halted. The launch vehicle and satellites have been switched into a completely safe standby mode. The new launch...

Sentinel-1B heads to launch tower Credit: ESA–Manuel Pedoussaut

Our Soyuz gets a drink!

Just a few minutes ago, and following a GREEN weather report from Kourou, teams from Arianespace and CNES began fuelling the Soyuz rocket that will loft Sentinel-1B into orbit this evening. Arianespace have just issued this note:...

MSG-4 launch timeline

On 15 July, a powerful Ariane launcher will loft Europe’s final Meteosat Second Generation weather satellite into orbit from Kourou, French Guiana. For the mission control team at ESA, liftoff will mark the end of months of...

Flight Dynamics team at ESOC Credit: ESA/J. Mai

Sentinel-2 launch timeline

About 55 minutes after lift-off, Sentinel-2A will separate from Vega's AVUM upper stage and soar free into orbit, marking the start of the critical Launch and Early Orbit Phase.

Sentinel-2 Mission Control Team simulation training 28 April 2015 ESA/L. Guilpain CC BY-SA IGO 3.0


The Sentinel-2 Mission Control Team are conducting intensive simulation training at ESOC in Darmstadt today, preparing for launch in June.

Mission control team photo

The team that will fly the Sentinel-1 mission starting just after separation tonight! Official team photo, taken at ESOC yesterday. Credit: ESA/J. Mai

ESA ground tracking network supports Soyuz VS07 today

In addition to tracking satellites in Earth orbit (or 5AU away in deep space), ESA’s Estrack station network can also receive signals from launchers. Today, a team of ESA engineers from ESOC supported by an industry contractor...