In Plesetsk we visited the launch tower to retrieve the ‘purge cart’ and continued packing so that we are ready to load the train for departure.

Packing. (ESA)

More packing. (ESA)

At the European Spacecraft Operations Centre (ESOC) with the launch and early orbit phase over, the team move into the commissioning phase, which will last six months. This will culminate in the in orbit commissioning review, IOCR, after which the satellite will begin its life delivering information on air quality for Europe’s Copernicus programme.

Yesterday though, the X-band link, which relays all the scientific data, was used for the first time and worked perfectly. Also  Sentinel-5p was added to the wall of fame by being added to the scoreboard.

Wall of fame. (ESA)

Other info: Sentinel-5p is the first ESOC launch on the 13th, moreover, Friday the 13th! This was the 13th commercial launch of Rocket. Must be our lucky number!

From the ESA Sentinel-5P launch campaign team in Plesetsk

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