Post-fuelling curry

After the delicate task of fuelling Sentinel-5P had been done, the satellite was lifted to be weighed to confirm how much fuel had been added. After that the fuelling team ‘decontaminated’ and packed up.

Thumbs up on the fuelling front. (ESA)

With the satellite fuelled, everyone must carry gas masks when in the MIK cleanroom.

On Saturday evening we celebrated the fuelling milestone by making a great curry – although as always after a good meal, there was a lot of washing up to do.

Making a curry to celebrate. (ESA)

Followed by piles of washing up. (ESA)

This week started with the Rockot upper stage setting off on its 30 km train ride to the fuelling station.

With the upper stage out of the way, the team were able to pack the fuelling equipment into its containers and bring the ‘clamp band’ into the cleanroom in preparation for mating the satellite to the upper stage of the launcher. We also connected the ‘umbilical lines’ from the electrical ground support equipment to Sentinel-5P – also in preparation for mating.

Clearing up for the next big job. (ESA)

So next big step is to join our satellite to the launcher … watch this space!

From the ESA Sentinel-5P launch campaign team in Plesetsk

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