Switched on

Yesterday was a good day.

After the last couple of days spent unpacking and setting up all our support equipment, taking Sentinel-5P out of its transport container and positioning it for testing, yesterday we were ready to switch the satellite on to make sure all was well after its journey – always a tense moment.

Happy with the ‘switch on’. (ESA)

We were not disappointed! The photo shows how happy we were to see that everything switched on meaning that Sentinel-5P is in good health.

While we have smiles in the cleanroom – and we can smile too when we go outside, we have beautiful weather, it’s hard to believe we’re in a Russian military base.

Lovely day in Plesetsk. (ESA)

Crisp and bright in Plesetsk. (ESA)

From the ESA Sentinel-5P launch campaign team in Plesetsk

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