Getting ready to unveil Sentinel-5P

Yesterday, was the first day that we felt that we were starting to get into a routine: breakfast at 07:00, bus to the launch facilities at 08:00, work all day, bus back to the hotel at 18:30 and dinner at 19:30.

The weather has been sunny but cool, but the forecast says it will soon dip below zero at night. We’ve had some lovely sunsets too.

At the MIK, we’ve unpacked the electrical ground support equipment and we are now in the process of setting it up and checking it.

Preparing to start work on Sentinel-5P. (ESA)

The team have lunch delivered and enjoy some social time together, as they are long days.

Lunchtime. (ESA)

The mechanical ground support equipment is being prepared so that we can open Sentinel-5P’s container today and transfer it to the main cleanroom.

Yesterday, the engineering teams coming from the UK and the Netherlands started their journey to Plesetsk. Both groups met in Moscow where they stayed the night before continuing on to Plesetsk by train today. We look forward to their arrival.

Meeting up in Moscow. (ESA)

So today will be exciting as we open the container and see the satellite once more and check it over to see that all is well after transit.

From the ESA Sentinel-5P launch campaign team in Plesetsk

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