Sentinel-5P arrives at launch site

The weekend started with us all in great spirits after Sentinel-5P had arrived safely and us now having the satellite container in the ‘MIK’ cleanroom here in Plesetsk.

Antonov arrival in Arkhangelsk. (ESA)

Sentinel-5P started its journey last Thursday when it was transported from Airbus Defence and Space in Stevenage, UK, to London Stansted Airport to be loaded onto a huge Antonov plane for its flight to Moscow.

Unloading Sentinel-5P. (ESA)

This leg was followed by another flight to Arkhangelsk in northwest Russia where it arrived in glorious sunshine. It was pretty spectacular – we were all blasted as the aircraft turned around on the tarmac.

Straight away, everyone from Airbus Defence and Space UK, ESA, Eurockot, Khrunichev, and the rail company pulled together so that we soon had all the containers loaded onto the train to start the 250 km journey to Plesetsk.

Onward journey by train. (ESA)

Once we had arrived at the Plesetsk train station, the locomotive was changed to one from the cosmodrome. The team who travelled from Arkhangelsk were replaced by some fresh people to escort the satellite on its final leg to the MIK cleanroom.

Making sure all is well in transit. (ESA)

After arrival at the MIK, we unloaded all the containers and cleaned the satellite container and then pushed it into room 101B (First Clean Room) ready for opening.

Over the weekend we caught up on some sleep, did a bit of exercise and some shopping. We also had a lovely evening together at restaurant Mindal.

Into the MIK. (ESA)

On Monday, we start opening the containers.

Dinner with the team. (ESA)

From the ESA Sentinel-5P launch campaign team in Plesetsk

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