Following the successful completion of the fuelling operation, the team continued with the next hazardous step: pressurizing the fuel tanks. This last step was completed and on Friday the spacecraft mated with the PAF, the interface adapter between Sentinel-1B and the ASAP-S, hosting the co-passengers.

Microscope team visiting Sentinel-1B

Microscope team visits Sentinel-1B

Yesterday, the ASAP-S intermediate structure – with Microscope and Fly Your Satellite fully integrated – was moved to the final integration hall where it will be awaiting the flight-ready Fregat for mating before Sentinel-1B arrives.

Sentinel-1B, Microscope, FyS, Arianespace and CSG teams at BT-POC

Sentinel-1B, Microscope, Fly Your Satellite, Arianespace and CSG teams at BT-POC

In parallel to these activities, all three stages of the launcher have now been fully assembled. The launcher is currently undergoing pyrotechnic and electrical checks in the MIK building. This facility is also used for Fregat (Soyuz upper stage) preparation before fuelling in the Fregat Fuelling Facility (FCUBE).

This morning the ESA team went to the MIK facility to have a look at the fully assembled Soyuz launcher.

It slowly dawns on us that the launch is planned for next week!

Fly Your Satellite team

Fly Your Satellite team

From the ESA Sentinel-1B team in Kourou.

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