After the exciting events of the past days, yesterday was the first time the work on the ‘flight hardware’ was fully in the hands of the Russian teams.

Checks of the upper composite were completed, allowing a final group photo in front of it.

Team ready to roll. (ESA)

Team ready to roll. (ESA)

It was then transferred from the cleanroom to the main hall where the train convoy, which will carry it to the launch pad, is located.

At this point the upper composite had to be prepared for being moved outside the building. The air conditioning system used to keep the fairing in controlled environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, cleanliness) was tested and contamination measurements taken before connecting it to the fairing.

In parallel, the upper composite was wrapped in thermal covers which will help its temperature steady during the trip to the launch pad.

In the late afternoon, the ‘packed’ upper composite was placed on the rail wagon and prepared for roll out. By the evening we were ready to roll!