While we wait for news about a new launch date, we have started to prepare our satellite for a ‘power nap’. This involves removing the battery arming plugs and discharging the battery by 50%, which will help to prolong its life.

We are also putting the ground support equipment in a safe and dormant state, including moving some of the mechanical ground support equipment and one of the hydrazine fuelling drums from the fuelling platform to the cleanroom floor.

Sentinel-3A takes a nap. (ESA)

Sentinel-3A takes a nap. (ESA)

The launch delay also means that we are busy replanning travel etc for all the teams involved.

We should get confirmation of a new launch date early next week.

For information about our Sentinel-3 mission visit www.esa.int/sentinel-3.

From the ESA Sentinel-3A team at the Plesetsk cosmodrome in Russia.