Find below an outline timeline for the launch of Swarm on 22 November 2013. See notes below table for details. All times subject to change. Follow launch live via ESA TV, starting 11:45 CET.

Time line 22 November 2013

CET +1 hour EVENT
L-00:60 11:12:00 12:12:00 GO/NO-GO roll call at ESOC
L-00:15 11:47:00 12:47:00 Spacecraft in Launch Mode
L-00:03 11:59:00 12:59:00 Beginning of irreversible launch sequence (last possibility to state NO-GO for spacecraft)
L-00:00:30 12:01:45 13:01:45 Switch off of launch vehicle payload air conditioning system
L-00:00 12:02:15 13:02:15 Launch (End of Gyros Setting). This is the start time of the Rockot mission.
L+00:00:14 12:02:29 13:02:29 L0 – LIFT OFF – Rockot launch vehicle lifts off from launch pad at Plesetsk Cosmodrome
L+00:00:50 12:03:19 13:03:19 At a speed of 567 m/sec and altitude of 10.7 km, the Rockot vehicle experiences the point of maximum dynamic pressure
L+00:02:16 12:04:31 13:04:31 1st/2nd Stage separation – about 68 km altitude
L+00:03:04 12:05:18 13:05:18 Payload Fairing Jettison – The fairing is discarded at an altitude of about 125 km, as the vehicle is now well into space. Speed is now 3.6 km/sec.
L+00:05:19 12:07:34 13:07:34 2nd/3rd Stage separation – At 235.7 km altitude, the second stage separates
L+00:05:25 12:07:40 13:07:40 First Ignition Upper Stage – Breeze-KM upper stage carrying Swarm starts first engine burn
L+00:14:41 12:16:56 13:16:56 End of Upper Stage first burn – Breeze-KM end of first burn. Altitude is now about 250 km at a speed of 7.8 km/sec. Begin 61 minute coast phase.
L+01:15:54 13:18:09 14:18:09 Second Ignition Upper Stage – Breeze-KM starts second engine burn lasting just 16 seconds
L+01:16:10 13:18:26 14:18:26 Cut-off Upper Stage – Breeze-KM shut down; injection into orbit at about 490 km
L+01:31:32 13:33:47 14:33:47 Spacecraft-Upper Stage separation – The Swarm trio separate from the breeze-KM upper stage; spacecraft start a 240-second automated sequence to switch on critical systems including transmitters and attitude control
L+01:31:36 13:33:51 14:33:51 First Acquisition of Signal (AOS) of Swarm A and B via Kiruna station, Sweden
L+01:35:28 13:37:43 14:37:43 First AOS of Swarm C via Svalbard station, Norway
L+01:43:05 13:45:20 14:45:20 Start of Upper Stage de-orbit Burn 1 – First Breeze deorbit burn
L+01:43:15 13:45:3 0 14:45:30 End of Upper Stage de-orbit Burn 1
L+02:30:00 14:32:15 15:32:15 Start of Upper Stage de-orbit Burn 2 – Second Breeze deorbit burn



  • All times are forecast only and subject to change
  • Times shown in italics are approximate
  • MET – Mission elapsed time as counted at ESOC
  • UTC – Universal Coordinated Time (same as GMT, for most people)
  • CET – Central European Time (Winter)
  • AOS – Acquisition of signal

Technical details on Plestesk and Rockot via the Eurockot website.