Monthly Archives: August 2012

MetOp-B campaign continues on track

From Marcello (ESA), Baikonur, 7 August. Activities to prepare the satellite for launch have been running flat out since we resumed the campaign. Many people from the different teams have now arrived to help finalise the campaign. Consequently, one more important milestone has been achieved! The satellite ‘aliveness test’ was successfully carried out a couple of weeks ago. During the test, the payload module, the service module and the instruments were checked. It took quite some effort to optimise the logistics and perform the test as the satellite was in a different facility than where the health check was carried out first time around. So, new cabling had to be prepared and the...

MetOp: days off in Baikonur

Katja (ESA) tells us how the launch campaign team enjoy their one free day every week As Damiano mentioned in the previous MetOp blog, many of us are spending the summer in hot Baikonur. I can think of lots of worse places to spend the summer months. For one thing, Baikonur is sunny every day. It did rain one day last week – the first time in four months! Although Baikonur is in the Kazakh steppe and the average rainfall in the summer months is low, the town itself is still amazingly green. Lots of trees and flowers have been planted around the town. Since we work six long days a week...

MSG-3 delivers first image

MSG-3 today captured its first image of Earth with its Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager (SEVIRI). After performing the critical 11-day Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP), ESA officially handed MSG-3 operations over to Eumetsat on 16 July for the commissioning operations. Commissioning will last about six months and includes checking that the imaging service is fully functional and delivers high-quality products for weather forecasting. This first image demonstrates that MSG-3 is performing well and is on its way to taking over operational service.