Discussing pressure test (ESA/C. Wildner)

Testing pressure

The launch campaign ‘to do’ list is gradually getting shorter as preparations continue to ready Sentinel-2A for liftoff next month. As well as continued alignment tests the satellite’s multilayer insulation, which helps keep it at the right...

Ready for 'light tightness' test. (ESA/C. Wildner)

Tight light

Since Sentinel-2’s multispectral imager is an optical instrument (like a camera), it won’t work if light gets inside. So, one of the tests yesterday was a ‘light tightness’ test, which involved placing lamps around the instrument to...

Sentinel-2 Mission Control Team simulation training 28 April 2015 ESA/L. Guilpain CC BY-SA IGO 3.0


The Sentinel-2 Mission Control Team are conducting intensive simulation training at ESOC in Darmstadt today, preparing for launch in June.

Cleanroom filling up with equipment (ESA/C. Wildner)

Switched on

Following Sentinel-2A’s safe arrival in the cleanroom near the launch site in Kourou, the satellite has been removed from its container and each of the satellite components have been switched on to check everything is ok after...

Big bird arrives at Cayenne airport. (ESA/C. Wildner)

Sentinel-2 rests after long journey

Pouring rain and very warm equatorial temperatures greeted the huge Antonov cargo plane carrying Sentinel-2 when it touched down at Cayenne airport in French Guiana yesterday. The team had a very early start as they were there...

Sentinel-2A leaves IABG heading for French Guiana. (ESA/L. Cane)

On the road to launch

Sentinel-2A is now on its way to the launch site in Kourou, French Guiana. Packed in its special transport container the satellite has been taken by truck from IABG’s facilities to Munich airport. Along with four other...

‘Colour vision’ photo competition

‘Colour vision’ photo competition

The competition calls for photographs representing the theme ‘colour vision’ together with one or more of the Sentinel-2 application areas. Application areas include vegetation (or lack of), agriculture, changing landscapes and inland and coastal water bodies. The ‘colour...

Shipment container being lowered over Sentinel-2A at IABG in Germany. (ESA–L. Cane)

Time to pack up

After six months of being rigorously tested at IABG’s facilities in Germany, the Sentinel-2A satellite has been placed in the container that will keep it safe during transit to Europe’s Spaceport near Kourou in French Guiana. The...


Testing Sentinel-2A

Wolfgang Pitz from Airbus Defence and Space joins the 'Earth from Space' video programme in the cleanroom at IABG in Munich to discuss testing the Sentinel-2A satellite.

Luisella and Pier-Paolo on shift. (ESA)

A night shift like never before

One might think One might think that after being able to bring the launch date forward from 15 to 3 April (since when do launch dates come forward?), that after successfully achieving the shortest launch campaign in...