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As has been the case over the last 10 months, I write this  from a remote research Station at the centre of the Antarctic continent. I represent a bold move on behalf of humanity to defy Antarctica’s adverse...

Melancholy and the infinite Sun

Winter in Concordia seen through the eyes of French glaciologist Albane Barbero. Translated from her French blog.  Everything began on 5 May when the Sun said goodbye. We were grouped together at the Astronomia Laboratory for a brunch with vin chaud. After three months of isolation, this get-together ‘in the countryside’ did us a world of good, but we realised all the same: the winter has started for real now. After taking many pictures of the Sun’s farewell we continued with a trilingual game of Pictionary: Italian, English and French. We ended the day with a visit to the hair salon and continued upgrading our library by adding dividers by letter, we...

Short and sweet update from Giorgio

An update from Chef Giorgio: This week marks midwinter, we are at the darkest period, halfway to seeing the Sun again. I decided to start the week by boosting morale for the crew. Chocolate is great for morale when it is cold and dark outside. I woke up 2.5 hours before the rest of the crew and prepared this. Living in Antarctica inspired me to make the penguins… If you wish you can see more photos of the meals I create on my new Facebook page. Please send us your photos of midsummer celebrations, we are enjoying the pictures of the Sun already.