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The Concordia crew haven't seen the sun now for over 40 days... Credits: ESA/IPEV/PNRA-B. Healey

Midsummer greetings

Post your images on the Flickr page For Concordia to share some summer sunshine with the 13 people living in the most remote, coldest, darkest place on Earth.

Midsummer up north

Alex writes: During midwinter in the southern hemisphere we try to remember the sunlight and wonder about midsummer. I was sent this text which shows how varied different places on planet Earth can be… At the Andøya Rocket Range in northern Norway the Sun has been up since mid-May and will not dip below the horizon until July 25. It is easier to get up in the morning and more difficult to go to bed at night when the Sun hovers over the ocean. It is as if the Sun itself is urging us to stay up. Just a little bit longer, it pleads… you can sleep in the winter.

Half way somewhere: Midwinter & Midsummer Greeting...

Alex writes: Another ‘Christmas’ of sorts comes again in Antarctica – arriving on the eve June 21, in a flurry of preparations, costumes, speeches, entertainment, music and dance accompanied by some of chef Giorgio’s best food. It comes at the height of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer. This could be the most international holiday in the world, with all the nationalities staying in Antarctica, regardless of race or religion.  It is a special day and it brings new hope. Please keep sending us your photos of midsummer celebrations.