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Pack your suitcase for space!

This November, Thomas Pesquet will be the next French astronaut to fly to the International Space Station. How do astronauts pack their bags for a spaceflight? Suffice to say that it is a rigorous process, as they...

Should we send humans to Mars?

The second part of Alex’s views on travel to Mars: Much like the interior of Antarctica, Mars remains inhospitable. For humans to live on the planet for any significant period of time would require the recycling of water and air, along with other so-called “life systems”. At Concordia station in Antarctica (my current home) we use “grey water recycling” – taking the water generated from domestic activities such as laundry, bathing and dishwashing and recycling it on-site for other uses.This mirrors the system used on the International Space Station (ISS). But there are even grander ideas that could further extend the duration of human habitation on Mars. Read more at BBC News…

When will we send humans to Mars?

Alex wrote a two piece article for the BBC on human exploration of Mars with quotes from ESA astronaut Tim Peake and Mars-500 participant Charles Romain. Read the follow-up Saturday 22 September. Just how far are we from mounting a crewed mission to the Red Planet? It’s a question I ponder as I stare into a powerful telescope and see a reddish hue in the surrounding darkness. I have been overwintering at the French-Italian outpost of Concordia station in Antarctica, which is also used to study how humans might one day survive a trip to the Red Planet. My eyes begin to freeze and my eyelashes become matted together with ice. I...

Skyping into Mars Society event: video replay

Alexander sent us this video record of his Skype chat on 5 August, conducted as part of the Mars Society’s 2012 convention and held just prior to Curiosity’s touch down on the Red Planet. Alex wrote: It was a pleasure, privilege and honour to have spoken by means of a pre-recorded interview to the Mars Society’s 2012 Convention on Sunday night about my experiences at Concordia – on the eve of the historic and successful (audacious) landing on the surface of Mars. I have provided a copy of the pre-recorded interview here – I hope you enjoy it! For more information about the Mars Society, access http://www.marssociety.org