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Dr. Carmen Possnig is the ESA-sponsored medical doctor spending 12 months at Concordia research station in Antarctica. She facilitates a number of experiments on the effects of isolation, light deprivation, and extreme temperatures on the human body...

My winter house

Join glaciologist Albane Barbero as she takes us on a guided tour of Concordia research station in the heart of Antarctica on a mountain plateau called Dome C. Loosely translated from her original in French. I realised that I have not written about my new house. To start with it is very large: 1500m2 for 15 people or 100 m2 per person. Pretty roomy don’t you think? Concordia has a special design based on two towers built on large hydraulic pylons to avoid sinking into the snow and snowdrifts. A couple of containers are connected to the noisy tower. Ah yes, as you might have understood, each tower is layout with specific...

Atmospheric science in Antarctica

Glaciologist Albane Barbero gives a run-down of what she does at Concordia. While we live in more comfortable environments, Albane works seven-day weeks in sub-zero conditions to understand how humankind is changing our planet. She is extremely busy as the list below is only an excerpt from full blog in French. I work for the Glaciology and environment geophysics laboratory in Grenoble, France, on many scientific projects.