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Midwinter celebrates a midway point of sorts

Alex writes: I will never forget my journey to Concordia. The flight over Antarctica involves a stop between Dumont Duville and Concordia to refuel. The refuelling stops are known as Midpoint A/B/C. You land in a blanket of white – all around you is a flat white horizon. You climb out of the hatch of the ‘Twin Otter’ airplane and stammer around in the relative hypoxia (lack of oxygen).  Nothing survives there, it is just featureless ice. In a way it could have been heaven.  You know you are half way somewhere, but know you still have a long way to go. Midwinter feels like this.  We are half way into our wintering...

Where winter brings summer

Alex writes: After the sun disappeared for the last time we expected temperatures to drop below -80 degrees Celsius.  On Thursday, we woke up to find the temperature had changed overnight by 40 degrees Celsius – but instead of getting colder it had gotten warmer, reaching a ‘scorching’  -28 degrees Celsius. This is warm for Concordia Station even in summer!