Concordia Station Midwinter GreetingAlex writes: Another ‘Christmas’ of sorts comes again in Antarctica – arriving on the eve June 21, in a flurry of preparations, costumes, speeches, entertainment, music and dance accompanied by some of chef Giorgio’s best food. It comes at the height of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer. This could be the most international holiday in the world, with all the nationalities staying in Antarctica, regardless of race or religion.  It is a special day and it brings new hope. Please keep sending us your photos of midsummer celebrations.

Happy midwinter from Concordia station DC8Today marks us as being ‘half-way somewhere’.  It is a home straight from here on.  A couple more months and the worst will be over and the sun will be back. What a journey it has been and what a journey it will be!

We have been in the dark a couple of months now.  Our body clocks are in disarray but we have become a crew, a team, a family and we are happy to be together in the darkness.

You are probably wondering how Concordia Station will celebrate this occasion?  Well, with five nationalities on the base… in every way possible during one week.  I will tell all next week!  Our team of just 13 persons has worked so incredibly hard to stage what has so far been a week I will never forget.

I raise my glass to the rest of the world, from the ‘uttermost’ end of the world!