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Rosetta in acoustic test chamber (Large European Acoustic Facility, LEAF). Image credit: ESA.

More sounds from space!

We spent a good part of the day before TEDxESA touring ESA labs and test facilities, talking to scientists and engineers and collecting and recording as many sounds as possible.

ESA Audio under Creative Commons. Image ESA/EUMETSAT

ESA Audio licenced under Creative Commons

I presume some of you are already familiar with ESA’s Soundcloud. In our continuing efforts to release more and more content under Creative Commons IGO licences, we have just compiled this playlist featuring recordings, sonifications and other...

SpaceUp Cologne, 21 March

REPLAY: SpaceUp Cologne

Watch the replay of the live webcast from SpaceUp Cologne, 21/22 March 2015. Please feel free to grab the video player and share/embed where ever you like – we consider it open content and thus release it...