It was a month ago when– through the voice and talent of Emmett FitzGerald and Roman Mars, producer and host (and much more) of the podcast 99percentinvisible ( – ESA’s e.Deorbit mission suddenly landed in the ears of thousand people in Oakland, California and in those of millions of people in the rest of US and the world.

99percentinvisible is a must-listen podcast for all those people interested in “the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world” that has raked up more than 80 million downloads on iTunes.

Space debris and the challenge it represents formed the subject of a recently 99percentinvisible weekly episode, called “Space Trash, Space Treasure”.

The whole podcast is definitely worth a listen, but it’s 9:58 minutes in when the guests begin talking about possible solutions to address space debris pro-actively using nets, harpoons, slingshots, or solar sails for deorbiting, going on to discuss ESA plans for a mission to remove one of its own derelict satellites.



You can listen here to the full episode here, and we surely recommend you to do so: