Credits: ESA–S. Sechi

Lanzarote planetary analogue: a geological museum and a... Mars flyby timelapse taken by ESA's Mars Express satellite. Mars has always captivated us, in particular in regards to the existence of life. Today, Mars is a scientific, technological and cultural reality for humankind in our...


We are working together…again!

By the end of the Apollo programme, astronauts had started to work less with geologists. A geologist's hammer might not be much use on the International Space Station but can be fundamental for sampling rocks on planetary...

Side view of Ceraunius Tholus from HRSC stereo DTM. Credits: ESA, DLR, FU-Berlin (G. Neukum)

Changing dimensions – A tour of the Solar System

For astronauts, understanding Earth geology is a change of perspective. It starts from the ground, learning to recognise rocks, interpreting geological features from outcrops and reading the history of geological events and stratification. A key part of...

Curiosity rover panorama of sedimentary deposits at Gale crater, Mars. Credits: NASA/JPL/MSSS

Teaching Mars geology

Mars has triggered many dreams of space exploration, from Burroughs and Bradbury novels to Sci-Fi movies. “After the Moon, Mars will be the next step, no doubt about that!” – I remember this phrase from my youth, thirty...

Credits: ESA–M. Bernabei

Creating a geological Babel fish

“Basin-related tectonism is due to lava infilling and load induced lithospheric inflection” “Shock deformation of quartz crystals is a clear indication of an impact. Earth processes cannot produce such products” Geologists speak gibberish, or at least you...

2016-07-08 20_08_04-CAVES 2016_ Video log day 6 - YouTube

Video log day 6 with Ricky Arnold

NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold’s video log of the sixth and last day of the extended exploration phase of ESA’s underground training course CAVES. Ricky ended the course as commander after taking over from Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide...


Day six report – last day!

Day six is the last of the extended caves exploration. Day six was all about setting down the campsite, retrieving environmental data and getting back topside. Everything went smoothly and everyone was happy for some fresh air and meeting the...

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Video log day 5 with Jessica Meir

NASA astronaut Jessica Meir’s video log of the fifth and last full day of the extended exploration phase of ESA’s underground training course CAVES. Jessica is the team’s biologist and is tasked with searching for alien underground...

2016-07-07 13_44_29-ESA CAVES 2016 - Stalagmites by tommygeo - 3D model - Sketchfab

3D models with photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the science of getting precise measurements and three-dimensional data from at least two photographs. This technique can be applied to construct a 3D model of any scene from any source of image, from standard digital...