The science of CAVES: environmental science – CO2

Monitoring CO2 in caves CO2 is the most infamous greenhouse gas. The air that we breathe on Earth has concentrations of around 390 parts per million (0,039 %). In caves CO2 is found in higher concentrations because...

Checking water samples. Credits: ESA/V.Crobu

The science of CAVES: Geology

Geology in caves The main objective of these measurements is to determine the chemical composition and physical parameters of cave water in branches of the Sa Grutta caves. Water chemistry is an important indicator of environmental quality...

Gathered around in Sa Grutta. Credits: ESA\S.Sechi


Вот что думает о приобретённом опыте космонавт Роскосмоса и участник "Пещер-2014" Александр Мисуркин. Эта статья в блоге сопровождается видеозаписью, выполненной во время итогового разбора тренировки. Прошёл уже почти месяц, но я уверен, что воспоминания о двух неделях,...

Gathered around in Sa Grutta. Credits: ESA\S.Sechi

The Enchanted World of CAVES

This is Russian cosmonaut and CAVES 2014 participant  Alexander Misurikin's account of his experience during the course. This blog entry is accompanied by the final video of CAVES 2014: a debriefing from the team. A month has...

Microbiology samples in Sa Grutta. Credits: ESA\R.DeLuca

The science of CAVES: Microbiology

Microbiology in caves Microbes are an essential part of the biological chain and are literally everywhere. They have been found in the most extreme places on Earth, living in high temperatures on the sea floor and even...

Sardaphaenops supramontanus. Credits: V. Crobu

The science of CAVES: Biology

Biology in caves Caves are inhospitable places for most living creatures. as they are devoid of light and consequently have little food to offer. However caves host a variety of species adapted to this extreme habitat. Most...

Last day of exploration. Credits: ESA\V.Crobu

CAVES day six

The final day of the CAVES 2014 campaign and it is time for the crew to leave the Sa Grutta caves and return to the light: YouTube  

The full CAVES 2014 team reunited at the end of the mission. Credits: ESA\S.Secchi

CAVES 2014 Day 6 – Back to the surface

It has been a fantastic adventure again. Here is what we captured from the CAVES 2014 crew as they prepared to come back to the surface, and as they saw the light again. Here are all CAVES...

CAVES2014 crew photo: The Big Wall. Credits: ESA- R. DeLuca

Into the darkness

After having being silent for a few days, we’d like to continue sharing with you the experiences of the CAVES2014 crew. We will continue from where we left, with Luca’s blog about his experience “Into the darkness”...

Fatal accident in Sardinian caves

Corpo Nazionale Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico (CNSAS), the Italian national alpine and speleological rescue organisation has reported that a fatal accident happened in a Sardinian cave, Italy, on September 18. This is the location where  ESA’s CAVES training course took place.Rescue operations were initiated immediately but could not save the life of the local caver, who suffered a fatal fall. Specialists are working to retrieve his body. The cave had been the site of ESA’s astronaut training course, but the astronauts  had already left the cave several hours before the accident. The victim, Luigi Mereu, 32 years old, was a member of the local speleologist group Gruppo Grotte Nuorese that was helping...