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Launch dress rehearsal

A few quick photos showing the joint ESA/CNES mission control team in ATV-CC, Toulouse, today. The team are conducting the dress rehearsal for launch, set for 29 July. The next big milestone will come tomorrow with the ATV readiness presentation … Continue reading

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Arianespace flight VA219 (ATV 5): Launch scheduled for Tuesday, 29 July

With the completion of complimentary verifications and control measures associated with the Ariane 5 ES launcher, Arianespace has set the date for its Flight VA219 mission for Tuesday, 29 July. Liftoff of the launch vehicle is now scheduled at: 20:44:03, … Continue reading

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Last days of relative inactivity…

This might be some of the last images of an unmanned ATV Control Centre. If the OK is given tomorrow evening then the dress rehearsal (RG) will be planned for Thursday 24 July. Soon this control centre will be very … Continue reading

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Arianespace flight VA219: launch delayed

In order to proceed with complementary verifications on the Ariane 5 ES launch system, Arianespace has decided to delay the VA219 launch for a few days.  This mission with ATV 5 “Georges Lemaître” had been scheduled for July 24. A … Continue reading

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New ATV-5 images from Kourou

ATV-5 on in the Final Assembly Building. Click here for more.  

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ATV’s fiery break-up to be seen from inside

Over on the ESA Space Engineering website, a full-length article on ATV-5′s reentry camera: As ESA’s remaining supply ferry to the International Space Station burns up in the atmosphere, its final moments as its hull disintegrates will be recorded from … Continue reading

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Big Cargo Post 5.0

It is time for the Big Cargo Post 5.0 detailling what ATV-5 will be carrying to the International Space Station. Sadly this will be our last Big Cargo Post as this is the last ATV! From 30 June to 3 … Continue reading

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Backing a winning team

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and cosmonaut Sasha Skvortsov did a check of the ATV control panel in preparation for the spaceships arrival in August. Alexander was wearing his German national football team shirt that went on to win the World … Continue reading

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Cargo loading update from Kourou

These photos and brief comments sent in earlier today by Kristen MacDonell, ESA’s ATV cargo engineer on site in Kourou where late cargo loading for ATV-5 is in full swing. Monday, 30 June: Late Cargo Access Means (LCAM – the … Continue reading

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ATV-5 earlier launch

Arianespace just announced a new launch time for ATV-5 advancing the launch time by a few hours. The new launch time is 25 July at 01:41 GMT, which makes it 24 July in Kourou. Celebrate by enjoying these fresh pictures … Continue reading

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