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More ATV-5 launch pictures

If you thought you had seen all the best ATV-5 launch pictures, think again…

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ATV-5′s first steps

A great video showing how ATV Georges Lemaître was released from the last stage of its Ariane 5 launcher, high above Earth. Watch it!  

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ATV-5 sighting in the wild

The second sighting of ATV-5 in the wild (that we know of). Great work Christian, and thanks for sharing! Hey @esaoperations I think this belongs to you Expected featureless blob but actually some detail in data! #ATV5 — Christian … Continue reading

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Work just starting for ATV Control Centre

As many head for bed or pop open the champagne, for ATV Control Centre the work has just begun. Working in three sets of eight-hour shifts a day, the ATV Control Centre will be permanently staffed until ATV-5 leaves the … Continue reading

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Last ATV lifts off to supply the Space Station

The fifth and final mission of ESA’s Automated Transfer Vehicle got off to a flying start today with its launch from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, heading for the International Space Station. Georges Lemaître is the fifth ATV built … Continue reading

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Mission director Jean-Christophe: so far, so good

As ATV-CC prepares for the 5th and last launch of an ATV, 29th of July at 23:47 GMT. During the pre-launch phase ATV-CC Ground Controllers are checking all communication links with International Partners. The countdown with Kourou has started and … Continue reading

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Astrium team watching over ATV-5

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ATV Control Centre awaiting launch

ATV Control Centre (ATV-CC) in Toulouse, France are standing by for the launch tonight. ATV teams nearer the launch site in Kourou, French Guiana, are monitoring the spacecraft while it is still on Earth, before ATV-CC takes over. This does … Continue reading

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ATV-5 integration with Ariane – timelapse

Follow the final steps of ATV-5 before it was put on top the Ariane 5 that will launch it to space later today:  

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