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Relive ATV docking – from inside the Space Station

This 3-minute video shows excerpts of how ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and Roscosmos cosmonaut Sasha Skvortsov monitored the docking of ATV Georges Lemaître with the International Space Station on August 12. An ATV docking is a mix of high-tech and … Continue reading

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ATV-5 pushes Station to fly sideways for today’s spacewalk

Charlotte Beskow update on ATV-5′s important task for today’s spacewalk: Today on the International Space Station Barry Wilmore and Reid Wiseman will change out a sequential shunt unit during a spacewalk (EVA28). NASA TV will show it a bit later, … Continue reading

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ATV-5 seen from Earth

Astronomer-photographer extraordinaire Thierry Legault has featured before on this blog, but wanted to take images of the International Space Station with ATV Georges Lemaître visible. Taken from a Paris suburb in France, the results are outstanding. Click on  “read more” … Continue reading

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Fabulous shadow view of our favourite cargo vessel

Posted last night by ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst! It is always eerie to cross the terminator. The last rays of the sun cast a shadow of #ATV5 our solar panels. — Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) October 4, 2014

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Real-time life on board the ISS

Earlier today, teams at ATV-CC were notified that a piece of debris was suspected of being on track to pass (too) close to the ISS, and that a debris avoidance manoeuvre (DAM) powered by ATV-5 might be required. ESA Mission … Continue reading

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Final refuelling team(s)

The joint ESA/CNES team at ATV-CC poses for the camera to mark the final refuelling of the ISS by an ATV… … and here are the colleagues from ESA and RSC Energia in Moscow also working to support the last … Continue reading

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Purging the pipes

Another update from ATV Control Centre on ATV-5′s last fueling operations in space: Fuel purging took place Wednesday morning. The reason we need to do this is to prevent propellant liquid escaping when ATV Georges Lemaître undocks from the International … Continue reading

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Question via Facebook, or how to calculate oxygen transfers

Over on ESA’s fabulous Facebook page Ross Warren questioned the amount of oxygen that was transferred to the International Space Station in ATV Georges Lemaître’s first oxygen transfer which was reported here: Ross Warren asked: Are you sure it wasn’t … Continue reading

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ATV-CC full team on console for Dragon-4 berthing

For today’s grapple and berthing of SpaceX Dragon-4 a full team is ‘on console’ at the ATV control centre in Toulouse, France, to participate in today’s manoevres. ATV Georges Lemaître’s solar panels have been put into a fixed position and … Continue reading

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ATV-5 status update 19 September

A quick update this morning with highlights of ATV-5′s current status, as reported on Friday by ESA’s Jean-Michel Bois at ATV-CC. And this post gives us an excellent opportunity to wish everyone at SpaceUp Toulouse a fabulous weekend and we … Continue reading

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