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ATV-5: Europe’s heaviest-ever payload

Looks like our favourite spaceship, ATV-5, weighed in as Europe’s heaviest-ever payload! The vessel was launched on 29 July 2014 at 23:44 GMT, with a mass of just over 20,245 kilograms. Thanks, Arianespace! One more record in 2014: #ATV5 was … Continue reading

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Pumping up the ISS

Station repressurisation complete! Next planned ATV-5 activity set for 23 December: water transfer. Repress #ISS completed: 13 mbar more air in 2hrs51min thx to @AstroSamantha & #ATV5 #futura42 @Outpost_42 — lionelferra (@lionelferra) December 19, 2014

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Astro Sam working in ATV

Our ATV-5 welcomes a new European astronaut into its massive cargo carrier! At the very back end of the #ISS ready to give “a push” when needed: our #ATV5. I will work there for 1st time today! — Sam … Continue reading

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ATV-5 delivers second urgent debris avoidance

Just two weeks after ATV Georges Lemaîtres moved the International Space Station out of the way of a potentially dangerous piece of space debris, the international partners that run the Station asked ATV-5 to do it again. The ATV Control … Continue reading

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‘Field of the Sky’ meteorite flying above our skies again

Scottish conceptual Katie Paterson created an artwork ‘Campo del Cielo, Field of the Sky’ based on a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite that was cast, melted, and recast back into a new version of itself while retaining its original form. The artwork has … Continue reading

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Tanking up with oxygen – view from above

ATV Georges Lemaître has delivered its 100 kg of oxygen to the International Space Station as reported via the ATV Control Centre during the first, second and third transfer from ATV-5’s tanks to the Station. After questions on Facebook the … Continue reading

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Tanking up a thirsty ISS

Today, ATV-5 completed the first water delivery of the mission so far, transferring 88l. Colleen Boggs, ATV Cargo Operations Engineer at ATV-CC, reports. We’ve just completed the first water transfer for ATV-5, delivering 88L of Russian water from Tank #2 … Continue reading

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ATV-5 pushes Station away from space debris

An update from Jean-Michel Bois, head of ESA’s mission team at ATV Control Centre, on today’s debris avoidance: This evening the ATV Control Centre performed the first-ever International Space Station Predetermined Debris Avoidance Manoeuvre (PDAM) using ATV Georges Lemaître to boost … Continue reading

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Successful LIRIS demonstration

The Laser Infra-Red Imaging Sensors (LIRIS) demonstration, developed by Airbus for ESA tested new rendezvous sensors during a special flyunder manoeuvre 8 August, four days before ATV Georges Lemaître docked  with the International Space Station. The LIRIS sensors were activated … Continue reading

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Relive ATV docking – from inside the Space Station

This 3-minute video shows excerpts of how ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and Roscosmos cosmonaut Sasha Skvortsov monitored the docking of ATV Georges Lemaître with the International Space Station on August 12. An ATV docking is a mix of high-tech and … Continue reading

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