DAM cancelled

ESA's ATV-3 Mission Manager, Massimo Cislaghi, has just confirmed: today's debris avoidance manoeuvre is cancelled.

Further analysis during the night showed that the debris object, a piece of an old Indian launch vehicle, will pass by the ISS at a safe miss distance.

The decision for today's DAM came about 7 hours before the scheduled time of ignition (TIG), which was to have been 12:12 GMT | 14:12 CEST.

Teams at ATV-CC and, in fact, mission control teams at all three control centres (Moscow, Houston, Toulouse), are now back to planning for ATV's undocking; there are undocking slots at various times in the evenings (CEST) of the next few days.

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Daniel Scuka is Senior Editor for Spacecraft Operations at ESOC, ESA's European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany.
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