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  • Hi there - I hope you can help. I posted a question over on the Blue Dot Fitn for Space blog ( and was wondering if it might be possible either to get an answer there or to be advised who I might approach to get an answer. As you can imagine, It is an issue dear to my heart!



  • greg dread says:

    How do I speak to someone with regards to getting permission to please use one of the photos taken by Alexander Gerst for a release of a music single for a small independent band. Would this be possible ? We would love to be able to have this opportunity .
    best regards

  • Marc says:

    Ich habe auf Facebook Alexander Gersts Seite geliked und bin bei der Suche irgendwo ein Danke schön zu lassen hier gelandet... Also vielen vielen Dank für diese atemberaubenden Einblicke in eine Welt dir wir sonst nicht zu Gesicht bekommen würden!
    Ich hoffe her Gerst ist klar das er jetzt für immer da oben bleiben muss um uns mit weiteren Bildern zu versorgen! ;)
    Spaß bei Seite ich würde mich freuen wenn der Dank bei Herrn Gerst persönlich ankommen würde aber natürlich gilt er auch dem gesamten Team die das alles ermöglichen! Vielen Dank nochmal!
    Grüße von der Erde

  • greg dread says:

    please can someone let me know any response to my previous message about using a picture -many thanks Greg

  • Kwang-Ju Mun says:

    Dear Dr. Alexander Gerst,

    My name is Kwang-Ju Mun from Korea.

    I am working as a editor staff of magazine 'Ecomedia' which is the oldest and most well known in the field of environmental and ecology in Korea.
    Ecomedia will include interview with Dr. Gerst in the special section in June's issue.

    If possible in writing interview, I will send you a questionnaire.

    In addition to, we would like to use photos with high resolution in facebook of Dr. Gerst.

    During the 1990s, I had studied physics with you in Karlsuhe Univesitae(Gaede Hoersaal, Physik Hochhaus....)

    From 1990 to 2004, I lived in Kasruhe.
    Your interview and photos will make our reader in Korea very happy..

    I am looking forward hearing from you.

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen

    Kwang-Ju Mun

    Managing Director & Editor Staff
    Jinhung-ro 215, Eunpyung-gu, Seoul KOREA

    T : +82-2-358-1700
    F : +82-2-358-2335
    Mobile : +82-10-7145-3730

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