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(English) Latest highlights from the space lab

(English) Over the past couple of weeks ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst began testing how microgravity affects tissue and muscle tone, whether weightlessness has an impact on the way people perceive time, and the volume of nitric oxide...

Myotones video

Testen des Tonus mit Myotones

(English) When you are floating around in a state of perpetual weightlessness, it is easy to lose muscle function and bone mass. However, an area we know much less about is the effect of microgravity on the...

Der Mond blickt aus dem All

(English) ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is looking to the future. He took this image of Earth's closest neighbour from the International Space Station recently, and it shines a spotlight on the next major focus for ESA and...


Experiment mit einer … „Wendung“

(English) Unbound by a traditional up or down, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is getting a handle on how microgravity affects our ability to grab and manipulate objects in space.